What is it?
Another new version, you might think. Well it is not just a new version.

It’s the end result of years of work with input of the whole Far Cry 1 community around the world. After Ubisoft dropped the support for Far Cry 1, some pioneers in this community felt the need to develop a new anti-cheat tool and improve parts of the game Crytek lacked to do. We are proud to present to you a patch that will bring your game to a new level!

What’s new?
This patch combines the best of all previous released versions: 1.33, 1.4, XT4 and FCAM.

Anti-Cheat protection
Invisible during gameplay but essential to keep the game fun: the 1.6 anti-cheat engine! While Punkbuster gave us basic protection in the old days, this gives a full protection. If a player uses well known cheats, his global id will be banned automatically on all 1.6 servers. In addition to that, many cvar settings that can be used for cheating (speedhack, no vegetation, …) can’t be used with 1.6. Cvars are also logged on the server, so all cheaters can be banned later. With the global ban list and the banoffer list, the community admins can share their bans with each other to give cheaters only one option: think twice before you cheat.

Special note: Do not try to test the anti-cheat-system on 1.6 servers – otherwise you may get a permanent ban on 1.6.

Automatic map download
There a many good maps for Far Cry 1 but where to download them? With 1.6 you only have to join a server running a map you don’t have and the map will be downloaded and installed automatically. The admin of the server has to install this feature!


Improved Multiplayer menu
Playername: you can easy switch between your registered player names, also you can store and switch your names via keybinds.
Buddies: join your friends in-game by clicking on their name.
Server Filter: improved to 1.4 with new filters and a completely new version for 1.33 !



From the multiplayer menu, you can go to your account screen. Here you can register three multiplayer names which nobody else can use. You can manage your buddies and enter extra info about yourself in the personall settings like your clan website.



User Panel – Crosshair
New: select your personal crosshairtype. 10 different styles! Also many colors available!


Some examples:

mpcross3 mpcross2 mpcross1

User Panel – Voting
Improved versus 1.4 and completly new versus 1.33 ! Much easier to change/restart map or to kick a player. Player ID no longer needed!


Quick Panel (Admin Panel)
More options and easier to use than ever before. Patch 1.4 was an improvement to the rcon commands in 1.33, but 1.6 offers the most complete admin tool. Now you can add server admins or clan members with less rights to your server, only by adding their global ids to a simple text file – no rcon is needed. You can punish, move, kick, or even ban players – just select their name and press the button.

Full control over your mapcycle and the possibility to configure multiple mapcycles! No need to restart the server for a new mapcycle – just type the mapcycle name, press change mapcycle and the server will load it!

The weapon settings have been a major point of discussion in the past and have divided the community into subparts. Because it’s impossible to create a weaponsetting that would satisfy all players, you have the option to chose the setting you prefer: 1.33, 1.4, or XT. As with all other options, you don’t need to restart the server for switching. Just select it in the admin panel.

Also you can turn on automatic screenshots by cklicking CLss ON. Now after each round every player will receive the scoretable pic – you don’t miss to press F12 again!


In prior versions you could disconnect when you had connection problems. After that, you needed to search the server again in the multiplayer menu. Not anymore on 1.6 – just press Reconnect.


Headshot detection and general hit detection
With the release of patch 1.4, Crytek messed up the general hit detection. How many times don’t you have the feeling you hit your opponent but your cursor color doesn’t go from yellow to red? Indeed, to many! General hit detection has been fixed and is by far the best one of any version currently available!

With patch 1.6 we introduce the head shot kill icon with the skeleton:


Multiplayer characters
For those who love to play FFA: three new characters available.

Sniper, Cover, Lab Assistant

mpmodelsniper mpmodelcover mpmodellab

Capture the Flag
Three game modes were available on release of Far Cry 1 in 2003. One more has been added by the community: Capture the Flag (CTF). Special maps for this mode, well known in other multiplayer games, are developped. Go to the enemy camp, steel their flag and bring it back to base camp.


Single Player
The single player got a big list of bugfixes and AI improvements. More info in the readme.txt of the installation.