Install the official patch 1.4 of Ubisoft. This is needed – otherwise the Patch 1.6 will not work.

If you don’t need single player updates or 1.6 server files, you can skip this part.
Move to step 3, to download the FCLoader.

Download the 1.6 FINAL Patch. This download has an easy installer.exe. Before you install this, please back up your Far Cry directory!

Download the Far Cry Loader v5.1
This little tool gives you the option to load any Far Cry 1 patch version you want, if you have 1.4 installed. It contains all files to play 1.33, 1.4 and 1.6. So you don’t need seperate installations of every version, and you still can play 1.33 or 1.4 after you have installed Patch 1.6. We recommend it, as it’s easier and saves a lot of space on your harddrive.

Unpack the .rar file
You can put the FCLoader folder anywhere on your harddrive.
We prefer to store it in the FC directory: C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry


Place a shortcut on your desktop
Open the FCLoader folder and create a shortcut of the FCLoader.exe to your desktop. Always use this shortcut to play Far Cry 1.


Launch the FCLoader
If you launch the FCLoader this screen appears:


Configuring the FCLoader
This has to be done if you start it for the first time! Click on the ? to paste your Far Cry folder and your UbiSoft account data. Also you can paste your cdkey (optional). With the FCLoader you never have to type in your account data again to play Far Cry 1.


Starting Far Cry with the FCLoader
Now select the version you want to start. The Loader will copy the necessary files to your Far Cry folders. By clicking OK, Far Cry will start with the patch version you have selected. If you want to start the version you played before (visible in the menu bar), just press the Far Cry picture. The recent FCLoader does not support XT3 and XT4 anymore.

How to install the FCLoader (video tutorial)
you can find a nice video tutorial made by Far Cry player Krieger.

1.6 account
You need a second account for playing 1.6, next to the UbiSoft account. This is needed for the 1.6 database. This account gives you a unique ID and 3 unique player names in game. No other player can use your nick! After loggin in on Ubi.com, you will see this screen:


The first time, you will need to chose Create Account. For your comfort, use the same name and password as your UbiSoft account data. But also you can chose a different name and password.


Save 1.6 settings
If you use the FCLoader, you need to save your configuration in the loader itself. (When you use a full seperate installation of 1.6 with the installer.exe, then this is not needed).
Open the 1.6 folder of the FCLoader:


Now open xtProfiles folder:


Open the account.cfg file with the windows text editor.
Enter your 1.6 username and password (No space after the „=“) and save the file.


Edit the controls.cfg file and enter a key which you will use for the user panel and admin panel.


You will see this in the normal control options:


Open the specials.cfg file and enter your crosshair code and color code.


3 = standard 1.33/1.4 crosshair
7= standard yellow

Keybinds (optional)
Create a new file: keybinds.cfg in the xtProfiles folder. Put in all keybinds and save it. Now every time you load 1.6, the game will remember your personal 1.6 settings.

That’s it: Have fun playing 1.6 !